Real-time fleet management anywhere and everywhere with intelligent AI IoT and 5G wireless

Delivering what's next in AI, ML, and TinyML intelligent IoT edge device solutions of the future, today!

Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide unique solutions to the business-related problems in the commercial trucking and logistics industry. Improving supply chains throughout North America begins with safety, compliance, efficiency, and real-time monitoring of assets and freight everywhere and anywhere using AI and 5G wireless connectivity.

Working closely with industry partners and solution providers in North America and around the world, Quantuity Analytics aims to deliver the latest cutting edge AI, ML, and TinyML intelligent IoT edge wireless sensor solutions, all connected using 5G wireless modems. Our integrated AI IoT and 5G connected solutions help fleet owners and operators meet North American regulatory compliance everywhere and anywhere they operate. Our solutions run on simple to use plug-and-play intelligent edge devices connect to the cloud via 5G connectivity for real-time tracking of assets, drivers, freight, and performance tracking of vehicles everywhere and anywhere.

We provide the perfect solution for all your intelligent IoT real-time fleet tracking and monitoring needs.

Contact us today for all of your intelligent IoT wireless commercial trucking fleet solution needs!

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