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Intelligent IoT edge and 5G connected solutions for the commercial trucking industry in North America

Our winning strategy is to provide easy to use plug-and-play intelligent IoT and 5G connected devices to help make commercial trucking fleet owners and operators operate safer, better, easier, and less risky truck fleets anywhere and everywhere

Founded in December 2017, our operations and aspirations began in February 2020

Quantuity Analytics was founded in December 2017 and began operating in February 2020.

After Quantuity Analytics Inc’s founder, Mark Donaldson, and his team of three won the People’s Choice Award for the OXFORD Properties smart building big data hackathon in November 2017. At that same time, Mark was completing an undergraduate Bachelors of Commerce degree in Business Technology Management with a minor in Chinese Language and Culture Studies at the Ted Rogers School of Management at the Toronto Metropolitan University (renamed from Ryerson University) in Toronto. Mark clearly knew the path and direction he wanted to take in his career with big data and data analytics including artificial intelligence and machine learning. He took the opportunity to take as many related Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning courses at university. During his full-time academic career, Mark also participated in many Meetup groups, events, knowledge sharing and hands-on sessions related to Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analytics, and MLOps. You can read more about our founder’s background and the background of other team members at Quantuity Analytics Inc on the “Team Members” page.

More recently, Quantuity Analytics Inc is grateful to be accepted into the DMZ startup incubator program in the Supply AI stream and also the Black Innovators Program for BIPOC founders for 2022 to help Canadian Supply Chains improve their performance using AI and 5G technology solutions.

As an emerging Canadian AI startup serving the needs of the commercial trucking industry, the strategic journey of Quantuity Analytics Inc is to help commercial fleet owners and carriers with easy-to-use plug-and-play intelligent IoT devices that promote safety, regulatory compliance, and risk reduction for every vehicle and every driver that has to do one of the most demanding and sometimes dangerous jobs in North America to keep supply chains robust and moving. Using AI solutions to improve supply chains in Canada and around the world in the commercial trucking industry is our goal and our winning strategy is to use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and TinyML on intelligent IoT devices connected via 5G to the cloud for real-time tracking and monitoring of fleet vehicles with easy-to-use plug-and-play IoT devices.

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