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Who Are We

Founded December 2017, Quantuity Analytics Inc. consults in what’s next in tech. From business technology, electronics technology, TinyML & IIoT, and RF Wireless, we deliver solutions of the future that clients need to succeed in everything they do and for what matters most to their technology solutions goals.

Our Mission

Helping clients in Canada, North America, and around the World get their ideas into their hands and into their businesses so they can meet the needs of a technology driven future for business success, today.

What We Do

Processes of Analysis



Analysis of both the problem and solution space. Providing research analysis and reporting on technology solutions required



Project scope defined by 1. Time 2. Cost 3. Quality 4. Expectations. Schedule the project milestones and goals of each one for project completion



Designing the technology solution per functional and non-functional requirements



Develop the project technology solution through the completion of each project milestone and verification



Complete the finalized prototype technology solution and demonstrate functional and non-functional requirements to the client



Deliver and support a fully working technology solution for the client to verify and resolve any issues or make final technology functional and/or performance changes

Why Choose Us?

Each client is valuable to us. Working closely 1-on-1 provides a level of support and understanding in getting your ideas brought to life the way you want it to work for you.

Investing in the future maintains your competitive advantage. We stay current with what’s next in technology through hands-on training, collaborating with industry and technology leaders, and work with others to work together and create a future that’s possible for businesses to succeed with technology driven solutions.

It’s sometimes difficult to acurately predict the ROI or NPV of a technology spend on the future. However, our research and analysis expertise, along with our knowledge of what’s next in technology and hands-on training of leading technology solutions of the future like machine learning and TinyML, all allow Quantuity Analytics Inc. to provide ample evidence of the incredible technology driven results others are experiencing from our consulting services.

With over 20 years of technology experience, Quantuity Analytics Inc. can apply our expertise to help your business analyze, understand, and implement tomorrow driven technology solutions, today. We explain the future of technology in easy to understand Research Reports and with clear examples and evidence of success. Through our diligent research, we show successful outcomes of real World use cases that demonstrate clear outcomes of implementation and overall benefits for your business.

Have a technology driven idea or project you'd like to complete? Reach out to us.

Need a technology driven solution for your project, business, or institution? Quantuity Analytics Inc. can help deliver timely, cost effective, and quality solutions right here in Canada and around the 
World for you!

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