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Mark (黑龍 / 黑龙) is the founder and principal consultant at Quantuity Analytics Inc.. His consulting abilities lies at the intersection that offers hands-on skills in Data Science and Machine Learning, embedded electronics engineering and machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and RF Wireless Technology.

He has previously worked at Nortel Networks – Bell Northern Research Centre, DSC/Tyco (Digital Security Controls), CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce), and IG Wealth Management. He’s currently consulting for Canadian and international clients located in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Taiwan, USA and New Zealand.

Mark holds a college diploma from Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology in Electronics Engineering Technology, 1995, and an undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management in Business Technology Management (BTM) with an equivalent minor in Chinese Studies, 2019.

Having never been to Asia, Mark speaks fluent Mandarin and maintains his conversational Mandarin Chinese through weekly language exchanges, since beginning his language learning journey at Ryerson University in the fall of 2013. Mark also studied Chinese kung-fu for 13 years. He’s currently studying Spanish language and culture as a polyglot and looks to add native fluency hopefully by the end of 2021. He’s also an avid dragon boat paddler and fitness coach for over 10 years and enjoys long distance cycling, running, swimming and calisthenics.

Mark immigrated to Canada with his parents and siblings in 1979 from the beautiful tropical Caribbean island of Jamaica, West Indies. As a Canadian Citizen, Mark considers Canada is his first home. Jamaica’s motto is “Out of many one people” and embraces equity, diversity and inclusion as the normal, coming from such a diverse diaspora and mixing of approximately 61 different nationalities living on the island.


Dimax Controls

  • Electronics engineering technologist of commercial HVAC multipoint embedded control systems and responsible for all hardware RMA, testing, engineering development, assembly and rework of assembled hardware
  • Manufacturing production technologist responsible and accountable for mass production in Canadian PCBA facilities of all hardware and components including verification of revised PCBs and components
  • Designed and developed mid-point-conductance transducer for use in RF towers to measure battery health remotely via RF microwave connectivity
  • Responsible for assembling, testing and verifying engineering requirements into prototype and updated hardware and firmware
  • Reverse engineered from scratch legacy and current embedded development hardware for in circuit programming to be used by embedded software development engineers

Digital Security Controls (DSC) / Tyco Fire and Security Emerald Gateway International (EGI)

  • Startup company “Jack of all trades” engineering technologist for manufacturing prototype development, assembly and testing of all engineered hardware and software products related to smart meter and powerline communications
  • Working closely with high voltage and whole home consumer electricity energy consumption reading electronics
  • Working with powerline communications equipment, FreeBSD servers for data collection on Linux based DBs, installing and uninstalling CEBUS equipment in people’s homes for pilot testing
  • Laboratory bench tests of hardware, firmware, discrete passive and active components to verify specifications and quality control prior to PCBA
  • Hosting international guest related to powerline communication business ventures in Malaysia and Australia

Nortel Networks Bell Northern Research Center (Kanata, On)

  • Lead research labs support managing 3 labs with 500 development engineers
  • Priming environments for development and testing on server farms for Windows, Sun Solaris/UNIX, and Linux
  • Developed multi-boot server farms to halve the number of servers required for testing and development

Omnicon1 LED Lighting Design and Development

  • Designed, developed and patented the World’s first solid state – single diode – automotive signal – replacement LED lightbulb with the support of FAI Future Electronics
  • Worked with joint venture business partner to design, develop and machine indestructible LED light bulbs for various applications related to automotive, aerospace, marine, architectural and consumer based applications
  • Designed and developed over 1200 prototypes for FAI Future Electronics to be presented all over the world for clients
  • Exhibited LED light bulb designs at the international light fair expo with rave reviews

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) – Technology and Operations (T&O)

  • A 10 year career spanning multiple roles and disciplines related to IT
  • Global command center technical specialist monitoring and performing support roles related to Windows, Unix, Network Equipment Monitoring and connected devices troubleshooting and resolution
  • Application Support Engineer in a 100% JAVA shop using Weblogic and Websphere for client server enterprise website
  • Individual and on-call support of 6 out of 12 JAVA based applications
  • Supporting electronic document handling and management, digital faxing, e-signatures, reconciliations of accounts, and client account management within the JAV based client server application
  • Application Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Autosys Job Scheduler, Feedhub and all enterprise wide file transfers including system and application migration and upgrade from UNIX to Windows server platforms
  • Team lead for large team of application support staff and developers in Canada and India (remote workers) to deliver T&O programs for the corporate enterprise and across all departments successfully

Quantuity Analytics

  • Consulting for clients around the world for projects related to machine learning, embedded electronics, IoT and RF Wireless Engineering
  • Engineering Game and casino related product solution using RFID technology and Machine Learning Computer Vision and Object Detection algorithm
  • Engineering RF Wireless remote device for remote sound production at 1 km distance on public RF spectrum
  • Engineering USB HID gaming controller for both specialized keyboard and mouse hardware and embedded firmware
  • Training and developing new consultants on the Quantuity Analytics team
  • Working collaboratively with vendors and partners in the fields of MLOps, embedded engineering, Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML), and RF Wireless Engineering


Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology, North Campus (1995)

  • Electronics Engineering Technology


Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management (2019)

  • Bachelor’s of Commerce Undergraduate Degree in Business Technology Management
  • Minor in Chinese Studies, Culture and Language

Current Continuing Education

Coursera (2021): Introduction to Embedded Machine Learning (Tinyml)

  • Course covers the basics of machine learning, how to deploy machine learning models onto microcontrollers, and how to use machine learning to make decisions and predictions in an embedded system
  • Presented by Edge Impulse, Arduino, ARM, and Tiny ML foundation with instructors Shawn Hymel and Alexander Fred-Ojala


Mark’s hobbies include:

  • Dragon Boat Paddling
  • Kung-fu
  • Calisthenics
  • Cycling, Swimming and Running
  • Language learning (Mandarin since 2013 & Spanish since 2021. Will add others in near future including French and Italian)
  • Online Social media and YouTube content production and knowledge sharing
  • Playing a few musical instruments and making electronic music using DAW and midi controllers



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embedded electronics engineering

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embedded machine learning

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IoT smart device engineering

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rf wireless engineering

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