5G Wireless Cellular Communications

Intelligent IoT edge and 5G connected solutions for the commercial trucking industry in North America

5G Wireless Connectivity Anywhere and Everywhere with Quectel 5G modem M.2 slot modules for IoT data connectivity

Arrow Electronics Canada and Quectel Global IoT

5G connectivity is essential to connected the AI fleets of tomorrow. With data rates up to 3 GBPS under normal conditions, 5G equipped cellular  mobile carriers provide ultra-fast real-time tracking and location services of fleets anywhere and everywhere they operate. Fleet owners and managers can get fast instantaneous access to information provided by AI sensors of different vehicle parameters and conditions of important and critical components to ensure that everything is operating normally and freight will arrive on time in the most efficient manner possible.

Intelligence at the edge of networks is made better with high-speed data connectivity to the cloud for better data collection of vital information about the entire fleet. Alternatively, data can be consumed by our systems and the drivers with in-vehicle WiFi connectivity and entertainment in between waiting for loads to be completed or during off-duty work hours near a 5G wireless carrier location for ultra-fast streaming of entertainment content.

We’re proud to partner with Arrow Electronics Canada at for their knowledge, experience, and assistance in helping us obtain important electronics components and equipment for our hardware development efforts, including the 5G modem and hardware that’s necessary to achieve the best in cellular wireless connectivity for our AI connected in-vehicle systems. Through Arrow Electronics Canada’s valued line card partner, Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. is a global IoT supplier and also a valued contributor towards our startup efforts to develop a connected embedded AI IoT solution for the commercial trucking fleet industry in North America. Quectel’s latest 5G modem modules are certified to work with Verizon in North America and we are excited to put our AI IoT computer vision solutions to the test with their 5G modem module that meets the future of wireless cellular data communications at the fastest wireless data speeds in the mobile industry. The team at Quantuity Analytics is thankful to Quectel, and their Vancouver R&D team, for sponsoring our efforts with a free sample and dev kit of their latest North American version 5G modem module to use in our POC/MVP solution to test in Canada.

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